Miguel Kertsman
Music is a supreme form of human and spiritual communication bringing the world and people together. It is about what one feels, wants or needs to share with others. I write what I hear and wish to communicate. Genres, styles, borders, periods are irrelevant. Music is universal.”

   –Miguel Kertsman

In 2010, Ondas met Miguel Kertsman through an introduction by a mutual friend at WFMT radio. At that time, Miguel was in Chicago for several years in between living in Vienna and New York. A friendship quickly emerged and Ondas members eagerly undertook several projects involving Miguel’s music, several of which involved featuring his music on WFMT radio programs. In 2011, Ondas produced the U.S. premiere of Kertsman’s “O Saci” – a family friendly multi-media production first performed in London’s Coventry Gardens. (Please see our Educational page for more information).


Miguel Kertsman graduated in 1986 with honors from Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA receiving scholarships and the Oscar Peterson Jazz Masters Incentive Award, while completing his studies in record time. He studied conducting with Arturo Toscanini’s protégé, Mo. Attilio Poto, at the Boston Conservatory, composition with Béla Bartók’s pupil, Jeronimas Kacinkas at Berklee, and with Prof. Stanley Wolfe at the Juilliard School
in New York.

It is not difficult to understand why audiences everywhere find his music appealing – Kertsman’s inspiration comes from, in his own words, “all sounds around us” – from the widest range of musical paths including Brazilian folklore, American Jazz, Viennese waltzes, Traditional Concert Music, Experimental, Rock… “music from around the globe, and beyond.” His versatile career includes composing Symphonic, Chamber, and Vocal Music for the Classical Concert Stage, as well as music for the Theater, Film and Media, Jazz, and Electronic Music.

His works have been performed or recorded at premiere venues among others in New York, London, Rio de Janeiro, Vienna, São Paulo, Linz, Zurich, Chicago, by artists such as mezzo soprano Angelika Kirchschlager, guitarist John Williams, Vienna Symphony Chamber Orchestra, conductor Dennis Russell Davies, The Ahn Trio, Bruckner Orchester Linz, St. Paul’s Chamber Orchestra, London, São Paulo Symphony Orchestra, Brazil, Ondas Ensemble, Opera Viva, and others. His compositions have been released globally on CD by record companies including Sony Classical, RCA Victor Group/BMG, and published in print worldwide by Universal Edition and others.

As a footnote to his composition work, Miguel Kertsman is a University educator, performing musician, music producer, audio engineer and acoustics consultant, having worked on numerous international record releases of critical acclaim, including award-winning recordings. Kertsman has worked with or consulted for record labels, colleges, universities and concert halls including: Sony Corporation SACD Project, Chesky Audiophile Records, Sony Music Entertainment, EMI Records, BMG / RCA Victor Group, University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, Tribeca Flashpoint Media Arts Academy Chicago, Berklee College of Music Boston, The Danube University Austria, IES Abroad; Kirkegaard Acoustics: Yale University School of Music, The Academy at Carnegie Hall New York, Royal Festival Hall, London, Bavarian State Opera, Munich. Awards include: Cannes Classical Award, Golden Note Award, Grammy Award Nomination.