Composer Collaborators

Fundamental to Ondas’ mission is the idea of supporting the work of not only historic composers, but living composers as well. We enjoy the experience of collaborating with composers, of getting their feedback on our rehearsals and performances, and having a hand in the shape and direction a piece may take. Input is made, edits and editions emerge, and the music develops and has a life of its own. As musicians and interpretors it gives us a keen insight into the music we play and it is this we strive to share with our audiences. The following are several composers with whom we collaborate on major projects.


Ondas formed in 2007 in order to perform several new works written for flute, clarinet and piano by composers Elbio Barilari and Gustavo Leone. The idea of having a chamber music dedicated to performing works of these and other Latino American composers stuck and Ondas was born. Both Barilari and Leone continue to write repertoire for Ondas and various musical projects have emerged from their collaboration. For example, Ondas premiered Barilari’s “Lincolniana” at the Ravinia Festival in celebration of Abraham Lincoln’s 200th birthday. This concert and others have been broadcast live on Chicago’s WFMT, 98.7 FM radio.


With its Artist Program, Cayambis Music Press seeks to position itself as the foremost advocate of Latin American sheet music for small and large ensembles by promoting the performance and recording of its publications. With this in mind, the company has been forming an association with artists and ensembles who are being selected based on a shared passion for the music of Latin America. The first group to have been invited for inclusion into this program, Chicago’s Ondas Ensemble, has since 2014 been collaborating with Cayambis Music Press in the development of a new repertoire of works, called the “Ondas Collection,” which has been specifically written for this group.