The Ondas Ensemble is a versatile, engaging and multi-faceted group of musicians who play complex music with ease, verve and intensity. Whether it is a dense multi-layered texture, a lyrical melody or angular rhythm, the Ondas Ensemble always projects musical ideas with clarity, conviction and style. Its members are consummate players who communicate to a wide audience as easily and effectively as they communicate with each other.”
Gustavo Leone, Professor of Composition, Loyola University
Chicago/Chicago Latino Composers
The Ondas Ensemble’s unique blend of instrumentation, innovative display of repertoire, clarity of articulation and precision of ensemble sets them apart from the rest.”
Lori Ardovino Professor of Clarinet & Saxophone,
University of Montevallo, Alabama
The music we heard during today’s visit from The Ondas Ensemble was both familiar and energetic! My students enjoyed learning about each of the instruments and hearing first hand how they sound together as duets or trios. It was all we could do to keep ourselves from ‘tango-ing’ out of the auditorium!

Monica Blacconeri Music Specialist
Oakton Elementary School, Evanston, IL