Educational Programs
The music we heard during today’s visit from The Ondas Ensemble was both familiar and energetic! My students enjoyed learning about each of the instruments and hearing first hand how they sound together as duets or trios. It was all we could do to keep ourselves from ‘tango-ing’ out of the auditorium!”

Monica Blacconeri
Music Specialist
Oakton Elementary School
Evanston, IL


Central to Ondas’ mission is the promotion of Latino-inspired compositions among students of all ages and levels of accomplishment. Cultural understanding and diversity are the mainstays of Ondas’ educational mission. We strive to enrich the lives of young people through outreach presentations in public schools. Ensemble members are also available for masterclass and lecture recitals in colleges and universities.

Ondas has been a member of the International Music Foundation’s “Live Music Now!” roster since approximately 2010. “Live Music Now!” provides live music concert experiences to Chicago Public School children at their schools and at the Chicago Cultural Center. The following link gives information on our program “From the Old World to the New World” which we do for International Music Foundation participating school programs as well as other school programs:

Any organization seeking to fund outreach presentations by Ondas’ artists may do so by contacting:
The Musical Offering, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization in Evanston, IL
Phone: 847/866/6260
mail (at) themusicaloffering (dot) org


In 2010, the Ondas Ensemble premiered the U.S. production of Brazilian composer Miguel Kertsman’s musical theater piece for children – “O Saci.” The work was previously world-premiered in August 2009 at London’s Covent Garden Theater to rave reviews.

“O Saci” is a multi-media work which is ideal for schools to teach cultural understanding. The title character, “O Saci” is a traditional Brazilian folk character who lives in the Brazilian rain forest, has one leg and the magical power of wind. Our story of “O Saci” highlights the importance of cultural understanding and working together to resolve a common problem and create a wonderful new friendship as a result.

“O Saci” can be performed as music and narration, or in combination with actors/dancers representing the characters, with scenery. Ondas has performed “O Saci” in a variety of contexts, and we very much enjoy having students participate in the performance. Participation has ranged from art classes preparing scenery and props to the children and teachers performing the narration.

The Ondas performers for this work are flute, cello and 2 pianists (for piano 4 hands). The piece also requires a separate narrator (or narrators, if school participation). Additional to this would be 4 professional dancer/actors, if budget allows.

Please visit “O Saci’s” website for videos of full performances and other information: O Saci Info

Please contact Rick Ferguson if you are interested in having “O Saci” come to your school.